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Yoga Sutra Part 2 -Sadhana Pada -Online

"Yoga Sutra for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners"

  • CHF 75 for session
  • Höglerstrasse 46, Dübendorf, Switzerland


Yoga Sutra: Essential Knowledge for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners" Many yoga teachers do not have a proper understanding of the Yoga Sutras, which can lead to confusion regarding the true concept of yoga. Additionally, some teachers may struggle to effectively instruct students due to a lack of accurate commentary in their native language and incorrect interpretations of these commentaries. As a result, incorrect yoga practices have become widespread. To learn yoga correctly, consider joining our Yoga Sutra Program - Part One. In each class, you will gain a deep understanding of 4 to 5 sutras, allowing you to enhance your knowledge of yoga.

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  • Höglerstrasse 46, Dübendorf, Switzerland

    +41 43 819 13 23

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