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Question 1: What types of yoga courses do you offer?

Answer 1: We offer various yoga courses, including yoga teacher training,therapy programs, Ayurveda and Yoga Workshop These courses are available both online and in a hybrid format, allowing you to choose the learning method that best suits you.

Question 2: Why do you choose our teacher training program with us ?

Answer 2: When you have decided to join the yoga teacher program, you will encounter various lineages or styles of yoga. Every other day, you see new names of yoga emerging and are confused about the idea of which yoga is best for you or which style of yoga is good for your clients. Because people are different and their body types are different. It is important to understand what real yoga is and where the fundamental differences lie between all these lineages. Additionally, you need to understand which yoga is good for you and how you can recognize to give yoga according to the personality and body types of your students. To have this kind of depth and become a better teacher, you need our program. Otherwise, you may receive a yoga teacher certificate, but that does not make you a good teacher.

Question 3: Why online and hybrid?

Answer 3: We offer yoga courses both online and in a hybrid format. Our yoga teacher training course includes theoretical and practical units.

Theory is equally important and often more complex, so online learning provides more opportunities for recording, note-taking, downloading materials, capturing screenshots for future reference, and accessing various online resources.

Additionally, our hybrid yoga program includes practical units held at specific locations such as Kerala in India, or Switzerland. Students have the flexibility to choose a location that fits their schedule and preferences. We offer  two annual internship programs at these specific locations, allowing students to plan their practice accordingly to achieve perfection.

Question 4: Why am I unable to succeed in teaching yoga, even though I have completed a diploma from one of the biggest yoga schools?

Answer 4: Confidence comes from your knowledge in the field. Building a confident teacher should be the focus of the curriculum, and with a good yoga teacher, students will feel the difference and return to you. If you can offer them good yoga tailored to what their body, mind, and soul need, you will be successful. For this, you need a good program. If your certificate comes from a large institution that continuously pushes you toward a certain belief system rather than teaching you techniques and tools, you cannot become a good yoga teacher. Yoga does not belong to any particular religion; it transcends belief systems. To learn this, you need an institution and a teacher who can help you train in this unique science. You will gain a lot of exposure, both authentic and modern, which will truly help you advance your career intelligently.

Question 5: How many yoga teacher trainings do you offer in 2024?

Answer 5: Two programs. One in Switzerland, starting at the end of March (Spring Course). The other will be in Kerala, India, starting in September. Please check our program calendar and book immediately; if there are any changes, they will be updated there.

Question 6: In which languages are your programs conducted?

Answer 6: Our programs are offered in both German and English to accommodate a wider range of students. You can choose the language in which you feel most comfortable studying.

Question 7: What backgrounds do your instructors have?

Answer 7: Our instructors have diverse backgrounds, including traditional yogis and university graduates in the field of yoga science. They bring rich knowledge and experience to our programs to ensure comprehensive and versatile training.

Question 8: How long has your academy been involved in teaching yoga?

Answer 8: We have been dedicated to the study and practice of yoga as a holistic health system for 40 years. Our extensive experience and commitment to yoga make us a trusted choice for those seeking yoga education and training.

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